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You can find different apps that will enhance your CraigslistSoftware in this section.

*Note: All of these apps are now built into each bundle, and into the Zion & Reinforcer flaggers as well. If you have purchased a bundle, or either of the other products mentioned, these features are all included, no need to purchase any of them again :) All Addon Apps will also require CraigsFlagger (Prometheus). All other CLS App Managers include them free.

We designed Zion Master’s Suite (also our other two flaggers), and CraigsPoster to be expandable and accept as many new plugins as we can develop. These new features and plugins we create, once tested become new apps. Now that we have a few really cool apps, we have added the app store page to put them all in one place. If you would like to enhance your collection of craigslist tools beyond the Zion Master’s Suite, our app store is the only place you can do that. 

Our App Manager will manage all of your App Store purchases in one place, along with all of the Apps included in your particular CraigsFlagger package.

Different levels of our software come with different apps built in when you buy them. If you have the cheaper model of the flagger, you may want to upgrade that here.

*Zion and Reinforcer Flaggers already come with all Apps. 

The apps in the App Store are all of the applications that we have continued to design to improve and enhance your entire Craigslist experience.

Your CraigsFlagger and CraigsPoster have a couple of important features built right into them. They each have the ability to run multiple apps all at the same time. We can keep on making more and more business software apps, and you can visit our App Store, and decide what you like and what you can live without, or you can grab the PostMaster Bundle and get them all in one shot for a discount. Your updates, should they be required, are free for 180 days from purchase.

Please read the descriptions in each app carefully, as there is no refund for downloaded software. That said, we are quite sure that eachpuzzles app we sell will exceed your expectations.

To manage your apps with the App Manager, you can go to Tools> Addons and click the App Manager tab just under the Extensions tab on that page. From Here you can enable or disable your apps if you find you’re not using them. You can always re enable any of your apps from this panel, or from the drop down menu beside your Ghostbusters icon on your Firefox tool bar.

You must already be a paid member and have purchased a flagger or CraigsPoster to use any of our apps.

These Apps are not designed for the Mac OS.

Select apps are included in our price discounted App Bundles!


**Requirements: Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10. All Addon Apps will also require CraigsFlagger (Prometheus). All other CLS App Managers include them free.