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Due to popular demand, we have taken a well known project and adapted it for our craigslist purposes. You can now use a revolving proxy in windows 7, 8, 10!

What we have done is added a button and timer that will revolve any proxies, including your own ip address if desired at any interval you set it to.

Benefits of FoxyRevolver:

  • based on the heavily supported and documented foxyproxy
  • works with all kinds of IP addresses, not just elite proxies
  • installs right in your Firefox browser
  • redesigned to work along with our flagger systems perfectly

FoxyRevolver Proxy Manager is a proxy management tool (not a proxy service) for making Firefox follow special proxy rules for connecting to the internet. FoxyRevolver was designed with CraigsFlagger in mind to control the IP addresses and never get confused. This system can Revolve the Firefox IP based on the timer you set.

Zion Master’s Suite and Craigsposter combined in our Trinity Bundle, comes along with our FoxyRevolver proxy manager as a free gift for (so don’t buy this, if your going to buy Zion, and CraigsPoster Pro Anyways) All of our software is digital, and delivered instantly. You may access all your products and updates by the My Account >> My Downloads buttons at the top of the page. Your member’s registration is automatic during checkout.

FoxyRevolver works in any PC with a full Firefox browser, Windows 7,8,10 versions.

**Requirements: Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10.
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Installing CLS App Manager

**Requirements: Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10.

Our Craigslist Software is all managed by a Firefox Plugin called CLS App Manager. The tricky part of the installation for some it seems is simply the activation of the plugin in the Firefox extensions menu following the installation. Just follow the instructions in the next tab “Activate”.to overcome this issue. To be able to install our Craigslist Software, you will be required to install Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit first and only this specific version, our software doesn’t work with any other version, so don’t experiment or imagine these are just out-dated instructions, this page has been updated recently (2018). Simply follow all of our directions in order to avoid confusion during the set up and maintenance of your craigslist software. If your using a Mac, you will need to access this downloads page from inside of Firefox 42 Mac, and your craigslist software plugin then installs directly from our server (there is nothing for you to download on Mac).

CLS App Manager Installation:

Our PC software is designed to work with Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit only.

1) Install Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit.

2) Download the installer program from our download link or visit the Download page. Then in your Firefox tool bar find it by going to Tools>> Downloads.

3) You will need to exit all programs now, this includes your browsers.

4) Log in as administrator (important!!), and while you are still connected to the internet, click the installer’s icon to install our program.

5) Run the installer application and enter your membership details (*Install right over top of old software if it exists), the login information for your members area, the email address you signed up with, and your members password. You were sent a welcome note when you signed up, the email address that this note was sent to is your membership address. *Reset your CLS password here if you have already forgot it.

6) Once you have completed your installation, please restart your system. You do not get multiple installs, you get one installation unless you have purchased a multi license with multiple installations. Once you have successfully installed the software, our security will not allow you to install it again. You can however use the Update feature to restore it as often as you like. You will need to read and follow the instructions in the following tabs to activate & authenticate your new software.

7) Activate the CLS App Manager Firefox Plugin. After installation of our software, it is likely that the CLS App Manager plugin is disabled in Firefox by default. A Firefox Upgrade or re-installation can also result in disabled plugins. Simply navigate to the “Tools >> Add-ons>> Extensions” and the CLS App Manager plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already, and restart Firefox.

8) When you click the red Ghostbusters icon on the Firefox toolbar, the icon changes to red from gray and you are ready to use our software as intended.


Activate your CLS App Manager plugincustomize

Firefox installs often with the top menu invisible. To show this menu go to any of of the Firefox icons in the toolbar and right click it. Click Menu Bar to expose this menu. Please use the menu bar at the top of Firefox (right click the download arrow in the Firefox toolbar and activate the Menu Bar if it’s not there by default) Go to Tools>> Add-ons>> Extensions: and find our CLS App Manager Add-on and activate it and restart.

If you just cannot figure out the Menu Bar setting for some reason, you can alternatively download this Add-on checker program, and double click it to access the Extensions area of Firefox, where our software installs itself.

extensions menuIn the Firefox Menu Bar, navigate to the “Tools >> Add-ons” and you will see the App Manager just underneath the Extensions tab. That is where we install and manage the specific Apps. If the drop down menu on the tool bar says no apps are active, this is because you are not on the proper craigslist page, and all our apps deactivate when you are not on the applicable craigslist page they were designed for.

After installation of our software, it is likely that the CLS App Manager plugin is disabled by default. A Firefox Upgrade or re-installation can also result in disabled plugins. Simply navigate to the “Tools >> Add-ons>> Extensions” and the CLS App Manager plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already, and restart Firefox.

Once the software is installed, and the CLS App Manager plugin is activated, you will need to locate the Ghostbusters icon in the Firefox toolbar to access the software interface for settings and such. Usually it is found in the top right corner of the Firefox toolbar. If it is not, click View >> Toolbars >> Customize and look in the bottom of the customize window, and drag out the applicable icon(s), and place it in your toolbar where ever you want. (we placed it on the left in the photos below, beside our two FoxyRevolver icons) Then click “done”.

Our software installs for all profiles in the main program directory. It cannot just disappear unless you remove it. If you do, you need to repurchase it to get a new license. Our installers always fetch the most current updated version, as do our built in updaters. You don’t need to contact support to update and or restore your software.

If you would like to see a video to show you how to find your Craigslist Software software and activate it, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOlhmuQZsJw


Authenticate your CLS App Manager

You can login to 2 different areas of our system with your CLS credentials. Our website (your account), your installer. Neither of these have anything to do with the other except that we use the same credentials. To turn on the application you turn it on from the Firefox Toolbar as illustrated below and visit any craigslist search page. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/d/for-sale/search/sfc/sss

In addition to activating the plugin outlined in the activation tab, you must also have your CLS App Manager toolbar icon switched to active to use the software. The ghost icon pictured far left below must be in an active state, not grayed out and disabled.


The red ghost icon below shows the active state with CLS Software ready for first use!


If you set your Firefox to not remember History, or set your privacy settings to not accept cookies, this will cause the software not to function. However, if more than 180 days have elapsed since your purchase, your license has expired, a notice will pop up and let you know. To be clear, if you have purchased your software before Saturday the 19th of May, 2018 it will not update or authenticate. For your convenience, your Ghostbusters website Membership & installer username are both authenticated with the email / password combo you signed up with. You may reset your members password anytime if you have since forgotten it, but you must run the update feature to reauthenticate your software if you change the password with your new email / password combo.

Lost your password? Cannot log into your software? Please enter your username / email address. You will receive a new password link via email.


Ghostbusters Membership Access

ghostbustersYour Ghostbusters Paid Members area is located by hovering over the “Members” link whilst you are logged in to our website. If you are not logged in now, you can do so by clicking here. If you are not logged in, you will not see the paid members tutorials, but your software can still be used provided you have activated and authenticated it. The instructions under the “Guide” link in the menu bar detail the operation and features of the applicable application. The tutorials describe the methodology behind the tools. You need to learn about craigslist before you try to operate the tools. It’s not overly complex, but it’s not a guessing game. You must read the entire members area and the instructions to be able to get the most out of our software.

Please use our search feature in the main navigation bar to search for any topics of interest, or type in any questions you may have as well. We require that you read the entire members area, each topic prior to contacting support to keep our staff from having to repeat the information found within our tutorials by email.


CLS (Craigs List Software) Support

Edit Delete RepostSoftware developers and tech support personel use specific terms such as Download, Install, Activate and Authenticate by which to describe in which mode you are interacting with the software. You cannot call every function downloadin. First, you Download the software, then you Install it, then you go into Firefox and Activate it, then you turn it on in the toolbar by Authenticating it. We need to agree upon these terms to communicate with you effectively. If you have actually downloaded and installed the software but cannot find it because you didnt activate it in Firefox settings, or have activated it, but cannot use it because you didnt turn it on in the toolbar by authenticating it, then you didnt review the instructions in the preceeding tabs correctly or completely. There are only really a couple of solutions to remedy nearly everything. Reset forgotten passwords, and restore / update the software. If you managed to get past the installer, the CLS Restore / Update feature is already built into your program directory. If you suspect your software is not working, you can update it any time.

Please do not assume you can find the software unless you review the “Activate” tab and make sure it has been activated, its built right into Firefox and you will not see it unless you activate the plugin and follow all associated instructions.

For general inquiries, please fill out the contact form and we will respond shortly. Usually we can get to it right away, but due to the large volume of customers and our own varying schedules, we must ask a little of your patience.

To avoid confusion, please include your payment email, which is also your username and your order number so we can find you in our system and respond quickly. We need you to include your username, which is your PayPal email you signed up with for your security, to make sure we are dealing with the person who paid for the software.



*please do not update new purchased software, it is already the current version.

*Mac users do not have a Restore / Update feature built in.

updateOur software comes with a built in update / repair feature. You can access this feature anytime during your license period, if you had a bad windows crash etc, simply running our update / repair tool will repair your software from any system issues. There is no need to ask us, or contact support to maintain your own software completely. If however, your update features don’t exist because you changed computers or operating systems, you will need to visit the store for a replacement. You get one installation on one machine once only which also embeds an unlimited update feature. After that, you always have your update / repair program in your program directory to resolve anything you might need. This feature is also how we control the license on your system. The updater verifies your license is still valid as you update or restore your software without any intervention required from our team.

Our new updates include:

  • You will enjoy faster more reliable installers
  • Nearly 40 of our own collection of Firefox tweaks, and loss prevention methods are automatically applied.
  • We auto freeze Firefox in case you forgot to freeze Firefox at version Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit.
  • We force your browser to remember history, so you can always log into your software.
  • We sped it up to and make literally dozens of other reliability and speed enhancements for you.
  • We also make our software install for all profiles and as many different Firefox installations you may have, regardless of the path. Basically, you can install 10 Firefoxs’ side by side, with all different profiles, and our software will be available in each of them provided they are version Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit.
  • Theme Updates
  • More robust app architecture means you can use more tabs at once etc.

Every bit of our systems are under constant maintenance, from the installers, to the updates, to the methods of installation, and the forced reliability of your Firefox systems. We also redevelop our framework often to work in newer browsers, so you can experience higher security, and a better visual experience while surfing.

Once you install the software, one of our tweaks, lies about your browser version, so you are not targeted by the websites you visit (craigslist) as being in a specific browser. To double check your true version, just click the help link in the top menu bar, and click about. If you upgraded Firefox past version Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit, no worries at all, just click the downgrade link in our members area and follow those instructions. If for any reason, your update has failed, contact support right away, and we will resolve this for you, usually the same day. Thank you all for your patience! If you have purchased any add-on apps, they can only be upgraded by contacting support for new links. Contact us if any of our software has failed to install for you, and we will remedy this.

General Update / Repair Check List:

  • MANDATORY! Verify you are now using Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit
  • The current supported Firefox version for CraigsFlagger & CraigsPoster Pro is Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit. Please use the version from our links ONLY.
  • If you have any additional add-on Craigslistsoftware apps such as CraigsPostMaster you should be using Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit to be able to run that specific app properly. You will need to contact support for new links to the add-on apps from our app store if they require an update.
  • Find the update link in your programs directory for the applicable software, and click it. Once it has completed your software should be updated / repaired. Start>> Programs>> Craigslistsoftware>> Update.
  • If the update program link did not work, please contact support by using our contact form only. Once you have completed the mandatory reading of listed documents, if you still have trouble, let us know what you need. Failing to read the documents on the contact page is akin to telling us that your more important than everyone else, including us. Its really obvious, when people have not bothered to read what we asked, they ask newbie questions listed and answered in those documents. We will send you right back to the documents listed on the contact page if you ask us anything that is within them.
  • If you have made a support request for an update, and they have sent it to you, you can find it on your downloads page.
  • We do not provide free updates if you have bought your license before Tuesday the 14th of May, 2019.
  • Updates are built into your software. Find the Restore / Update link in your start menu. We do not automatically put updates on your downloads page, You need to request an update only if your on Mac OSX.

CLS App Manager Restore / Update feature:

To update / repair your software, just go to your programs directory start>> all programs>> Craigslistsoftware>> “Your Product”>> update and click the update link. This will install the latest version of our software into your system as often as you need to. Be sure your browser version is Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit.

If you are running a “Metro” version of windows which removed the programs directory, you can restore this feature by installing this wonderful program for free: Windows Classic Shell

To install an update if your on a Mac:
  • First check your Firefox version. Our Mac Flaggers all work with Firefox 42 Mac.
  • Then clear the Firefox cache. (history>>clear recent history – select everything, not just last hour)
  • Then if you have bought your software after Tuesday the 14th of May, 2019, send us an update request by using our contact form only. If you bought your license before Tuesday the 14th of May, 2019, please visit our store for a new license, do not ask for free replacements.
  • Then, once we reply with the confirmation, visit your Craigslistsoftware account and click the “account” tab.
  • Then find your flagger product, click download.
  • You will find the software page, click the download link on it.
  • Agree to the agreement, (One installation on one machine, once only) “allow” the browser to install the software when it asks.
  • Check to see under tools>> addons that you have version 16.0.0 or greater installed, if you don’t, you didn’t clear your cache first.
  • You may find additional troubleshooting information here.

Please take the time, to read the tutorials in full.

If you mess up your operating system, and system restore and the CLS Restore / Update feature both fail, you will need to buy it again, no exceptions. Its written clearly:

  • in our Terms of Use
  • on this page right here
  • in our License Agreement
  • in the Beginners Guide
  • and on the software you installed, you agreed and put a check-mark in the box to continue installing it.

When Craigslist makes a change, we find out only after that fact. This is how it goes, we get no warning. all we can do is respond after the fact. Updates are free for 6 months. When they are required, we will post the notice clearly right here on this page.

When Craigslist does an update, we fix it for free and update you with the new version for 6 months from your original purchase. We also continue to update and enhance all of our related apps, sites, software and tutorials to serve you better.

Update Notices:

If your license with us is still valid, (less than 6 months old), you are entitled to a free update to replace your non working CraigslistSoftware. If your expired (purchased before Saturday the 19th of May, 2018), and want to buy it again, you can grab it again from our store.  To install an update for any product, you need to click the update link found in your applicable program directory to get your free update, any time you see the update notice above is affecting any of your products. If the auto update feature still is not resolving the problem, then please contact support by using our contact form, and we will get your free update right away!