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Follow the white rabbit, and discover all the potential that lies within our entire App Store. Our UltimateCraigs app is a bundle of all the apps in our app store, and includes each addon app we make as an addon feature for  any CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster Pro package or bundle. These apps each add powerful additional features to the craigslist website that we feel any professional craigslister will benefit from. These apps all install seamlessly into the CLS App Manager, and can be enabled or disabled from the main dropdown menu that is added to the toolbar by CraigsPoster Pro, or any of our Craigslist Flaggers. Each of these apps has been extensively tested and developed by our team of professional craigslist developers over a period of years, and we are pleased to bring to the public these powerful new craigslist features!

UltimateCraigs currently includes:

  1. CraigsAccounts
  2. CraigsLive
  3. CraigsPostMaster
  4. CraigsSearch
  5. CraigsTheme

*Requirements: Firefox 32, and any one of our CraigsFlaggers or CraigsPoster must be already installed in your system. You must already have CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster installed to use any apps from this bundle.

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Product Description

UltimateCraigs Bundle includes:

  • Our CraigsLive app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster package. It allows you to search craigslist in any number of tabs, and always keep the newest results at the top of the page by silently refreshing the search results page endlessly unless you turn the feature off for that tab. There is a timer that allows between 5 seconds and 90 second checks to see if any content from your search results has since changed. This app is adjustable on a tab by tab basis, refresh only the tabs you need. Helps keep your craigslist monitoring duties hands free.

  • Our CraigsTheme app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster package. It allows you to change the text / links / buttons to any of 32,000 different colors with a color picker for limitless combinations. You can also set your background image to anything you like, and center / stretch / tile it any way you like and adjust the opacity of the image so you can still see what your doing. Zion does come with a limited color picker and darken Theme, and this will replace that with limitless options to customize Craigslist until your hearts content.

  • Our CraigsPostMaster app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster package. It allows you to add all of your craigslist text adds into a dropdown menu built into the post page of craigslist. The add manager’s ads are organized by User, and add title. You can select which user you want to save the ads under, and then you can find them again by the title. Create as many users or categories as you like to keep all your text ads organized and drop them into your craigslist post with 2 clicks, User/Category, then title.

    CraigsPostMaster saves the Title, Location, Postal Code, Post Body, and location information under the post body for each ad. Very handy for keeping everything very organized and minimizing the time you need to spend posting new ads on craigslist or hunting for your ad lists and copy pasting everything. Never lose another ad again.

  • Our CraigsAccounts app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster package. It allows you to add all of your craigslist accounts to a handy drop down list built into the login page of craigslist. You can select any account email and password combination and drop it into the login box. The secret part of the login page that craigslist doesn’t want you to know, is they keep track of you with cookies each time you visit their site.

    Since you are not allowed to have more than one craigslist account, you will get softblocked if you do not clear all your craigslist cookies each time before you even visit the login page. CraigsAccounts clears all of your old craigslist cookies, and it gets you new ones so you can log in properly, every time. With this little app, every time you visit the craigslist login page, you are a brand new visitor as far as craigslist is aware. Very handy app, never worry about your cookies giving you away, or losing your login information for your various accounts again!

  • Our CraigsSearch app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger or CraigsPoster package. It allows you to visit the Craigslist World Sites page, and choose any individual Craigslist areas to search from, or you can choose an entire state, or an entire region. This app puts a check box on that page beside each area, region and state. You can choose from any region, but you are limited to only one entire region at once, ie: all of USA, or all of Canada etc. so you don’t overload their servers.

We have 3 license options for the UltimateCraigs Bundle:

Personal license: is for one install on one machine only.

Pro License: might come in handy if you work in an office, and you would like to put each of these software items on 3 machines, you can choose the pro license for 3 machines.

Corporate license: If your in a more corporate environment, and require our software on up to 5 machines you can select that option.

If your licensing needs exceed our options, please contact support, and we can create a package that’s right for you!

This is a Windows only bundle. If you need a Mac version of the auto flagger, or of Foxy Revolver please purchase those products individually, and select Mac as the platform. There are no Mac or Linux Multi licensing options at this time. CraigsPoster Pro is not available for Mac operating systems or XP.

You will be sent 1 download file link. Download and install everything at once from our bundled installer.

*Requirements: Firefox 32‚Äč & any English Microsoft Windows Vista, or newer. All Addon Apps also require Either Craigsposter Pro or a Flagger.

Is this product missing a feature of craigslist that might make your life easier? Here is a complete list of each piece of CraigslistSoftware we create, along with our Addon Apps, and each of our value priced Bundles with descriptions.

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