Zion Masters Suite


With full lifetime Ghostbusters membership, and 6 months of free updates!

With Zion Auto Flagger software, you have both flagging engines, so you can choose which flag you would like to apply to the posts you select as your targets, Prohibited, or Best of Craigslist. You can choose to flag yourself as Best of Craigslist to defend your own posts by using this technique to cancel out negative flags.

The Zion Masters Edition has a "List Emails" button built in. This is also known as an email scraper. When you search any of your targeted customers or even competitors, and with one click, every single email from every single ad that came up is now at the bottom of the page you searched ready for you to drop them into the free bulk mailer program in our members section. Now you can send all of your targets a friendly hello with just a few slick clicks of your mouse!

Zion also has the CraigsTheme app from our App Store built right in, and a telephone number scraper to grab all the numbers out of any ads where they are displayed! Just search any keyword on craigslist, and you can grab all the phone numbers out of the ads with one click! Awesome tool for those of you with an auto dialer app!

If you combine CraigsPoster, and Zion Master's Suite in our Trinity Bundle, we will throw in FoxyRevolver for free! All of our software is digital, and delivered instantly. You may access your products by the My Account >> My Downloads buttons at the top of the page. Your member's registration is automatic during checkout.

*Requirements: Firefox 32 or newer

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