Are you seeing this page repeatedly? Why ? Why don't you just shut your browser off like you have been asked to and open your Firefox browser? You are not getting access to our software until you figure this out. Do you really want to email support because you refuse to follow instructions? We will just tell you the same thing.

If you tried to access the downloads repeatedly from the wrong browser, why would you continue to do that? If we write something on a topic, it's fact to the best of our knowledge. You are going to attempt to take control of a small piece of Craigslist. You need to begin, by accepting some plain clear advice and following instructions.

Do not mix what you think you know, with what we put up on our site, and then ask questions like, why isn't this working for me.. Step one, forget what you think you know, what you think you learned on some old you tube video and begin fresh. Step two, download and install Firefox 38.

If you have an old version of Firefox, please update it. Step 3, revisit the page you attempted to visit just before the site dumped you here to be reprimanded. Step 4, re read the entire site, before you even use the software. There is more on our site out in the open than on every single other flagging, ghosting, Craigslist software site put together. Do not take any of it lightly. Just because you didn't have to pay for it, doesn't mean it's not worth thousands. It most certainly is. There is lots more where that came from in our members section. Step 5, please read and re read our members section.

We are unable to give support for the junior members, take this all as is and re read it. If you need further assistance, please select a pkg with tutorials from our store, and we will be happy to support you. There is not one thing wrong with the site, or any of the software. That's why we do a browser detect now and bring your browser to your attention. This is the cause of 90% of the support emails we get. Thanks for your interest, and your support everyone!

If you are still receiving this message in error , please contact us.


Logged – Monday, April 23rd, 2018