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To avoid confusion, please include your payment email, which is also your username and your order number so we can find you in our system and respond quickly. We need you to include your username, which is your PayPal email you signed up with for your security, to make sure we are dealing with the person who paid for the software. If you need an update, just go ahead and update the software, it is a built in feature.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Update / Restore

Current Update Notices:

Our software comes with a built in update / repair feature. You can access this feature anytime during your license period, if you had a bad windows crash etc, simply running our update / repair tool will repair your software. There is no need to ask us, or contact support to maintain your own software completely. If however, your update features don’t exist because you changed computers or operating systems, you will need to visit the store for a replacement. You get one installation on one machine once only. After that, you have your update / repair program to resolve anything you might need.




Please ensure you have followed the procedures listed below or support will refer you back to this page to read the applicable instructions:

  •  Login and read the applicable instructions and guides under the Guide link at the top of the page. If you aren’t logged in, you will not see them all.
  • Installation issues can usually be resolved quickly by checking our guides before you contact us.
  • Our software comes with an update / repair utility which can repair any kind of damage to your software. Please run the update / repair utility before requesting support if your software has malfunctioned. You must login to the members area to access the update page.
  • Members must Login first and read the Welcome page, and the Beginner’s Guide prior to contacting us for any inquiries.
  • If you are getting any kind of browser or plugin errors with our flaggers, CraigsPoster Pro or Foxy Revolver, it likely because your using the wrong browser. Our flaggers, CraigsPoster Pro and Foxy Revolver are all designed to work with Firefox 38! You can visit our Downgrade page and follow those directions to fix this or use the Firefox link just to the right to download, install right OVER TOP and correct the issue. If you are using the wrong browser version, there is no reason to contact us, just replace it with the correct version.
  • Please use our knowledge-base search feature to search for any topics of interest, or type in any questions you may have as well. Login first to browse the full site knowledge-base as well as the members areas and online members help guides and instructions.
  • If you did not resolve your issues by using our troubleshooter, you can get Teamviewer info here.

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, or clarify your question please contact support through the form on this page only, and we will respond during regular business hours. If you try to contact us by any direct email address, you will not get a response, they are all unmonitored. The form below goes directly to support staff. If you have not followed the steps above before contacting us, support will refer you back to the steps you missed.

If there is an upgrade available or a bug fix, we will post instructions inside the members area on the update page. You can contact us using the form below. If you cannot find your answers in our knowledge base by hovering over the guides link, there is also a search feature in the main navigation bar.