Before you begin, if you’re running our flagger, it is required for you to prevent Firefox from updating. If Firefox is allowed to do as it pleases, it will disrupt your flagging software when it updates and then requires signing. We are not responsible for free replacement if you have not followed our instructions in the beginners guide. You can always just follow the instructions below perfectly to recover if this has happened already. If you remove Firefox, or our software, you will have an opportunity to visit the store and replace it at your own expense.

If you are experiencing any issues at all, step one is to downgrade to Firefox 38. We need to be on the same platform if we are to troubleshoot quickly. If you haven’t done this yet and there is an issue, don’t contact us and make us tell you again by email. Our support resources are for everyone, not just the squeaky wheels among us.

As you may have noticed, Firefox can sometimes interrupt different plugins with an automatic update. If you do not want any unforeseen irritation from an automatic update, or to have to make another flagger purchase from our store – we require that you do not allow it to update on it’s own.

All you need to do is Freeze Firefox, and everything is as it once was, and all of your favorite plugins, including ours of course, continue to work just fine. Click the image on the left to see how to Freeze your Firefox. Note the check box that says “use a background service to install updates” must also be unchecked as well, or the sneaky buggers will update you anyway.

Do not remove your current Firefox, or you will lose your installation, and we do not replace it for free. Install Firefox 38 right over top, then restart it twice. If you have any questions, and you have downgraded already, please contact support. If you removed Firefox without bothering to read the directions, please don’t contact support for a free copy.

For your convenience, we stored a couple of compatible versions of important addons who’s current versions don’t work in older versions of Firefox.. Adblock Plus and Better Privacy. Here is a beautiful Stealthy dark theme for Firefox Windows 10 style which works in Firefox 38.

New Firefox versions now require digital signing of all plugins in order for Firefox to allow installation of plugins (read more here). Our plugins are all verified for safety & signed by Mozilla (Firefox). If for any reason you feel your Firefox 38 browser is less secure because your updates have been shut off, then by all means, use the new Microsoft browser, Safari or Google Chrome for your secure things such as password protected pages and banking.

The Mac version of Firefox is here: Firefox 38 Mac