Instructions PostMaster Bundle

Links to the Instructions for Activating each app are below:

PostMaster Bundle includes:

  • CraigsPoster Pro Suite (instructions) the Auto Posting Software Solution for craigslist will manage 10 craigslist accounts all at once! It renews your ads automatically and only when craigslist gives the go ahead. You don’t need any proxies or proxy software to use CraigsPoster Pro. Our system keeps your accounts working and your ads live, not ghosted! When you load up each craigslist account with 50 ads and then combine them with our software, you can collectively repost up to 500 ads a day automatically without blowing your craigslist phone verified accounts or upsetting craigslist in any way.

  • CraigsLive (instructions) allows you to search craigslist in any number of tabs, and always keep the newest results at the top of the page by silently refreshing the search results page endlessly unless you turn the feature off for that tab. There is a timer that allows between 5 seconds and 90 second checks to see if any content from your search results has since changed. This app is adjustable on a tab by tab basis, refresh only the tabs you need. Helps keep your craigslist monitoring duties hands free.

  • CraigsTheme (instructions) allows you to change the text / links / buttons to any of 32,000 different colors with a color picker for limitless combinations. You can also set your background image to anything you like, and center / stretch / tile it any way you like and adjust the opacity of the image so you can still see what your doing. Zion does come with a limited color picker and darken Theme, and this will replace that with limitless options to customize Craigslist until your hearts content.

  • CraigsAccounts (instructions) allows you to add all of your craigslist accounts to a handy drop down list built into the login page of craigslist. You can select any account email and password combination and drop it into the login box. The secret part of the login page that craigslist doesn’t want you to know, is they keep track of you with cookies each time you visit their site.

    Since you are not allowed to have more than one craigslist account, you will get softblocked if you do not clear all your craigslist cookies each time before you even visit the login page. CraigsAccounts clears all of your old craigslist cookies, and it gets you new ones so you can log in properly, every time. With this little app, every time you visit the craigslist login page, you are a brand new visitor as far as craigslist is aware. Very handy app, never worry about your cookies giving you away, or losing your login information for your various accounts again!

  • CraigsCookies (instructions) is a simple cookie remover add-on for deleting only the cookies on the page you are on, so you don’t erase your entire cache trying to keep your craigslist activities private.

  • CraigsPrivacy, is a built in feature that deletes your old cookies and gets fresh ones every time you open any contact form on craigslist. We discovered that they are ignoring certain users based upon their activity as recorded by cookies craigslist puts on your machine.

  • Our Ghostbusters full Membership is also included free with this purchase as well so we can teach you how to avoid issues with ghosting, posting and getting flagged easily.

  • *Requirements: Firefox 38​ & any English Microsoft Windows Vista, or newer.