Affiliate Program

We have begun a brand new affiliate marketing program!

Stuck for an idea to get you earning money from home online? Some of our clients ask us, "OK, now what should I do for a business online?" We used to answer, How the hell should we know that? But we thought about it for a while, and came up with a better answer. You can start earning money from home right here if you like. We are opening our business to affiliate marketing. This offer is only open to paid clients who are familiar with our systems and tutorials. If you can learn how this is all done, and you are interested in teaching someone else about what you have learned, we would like to hear from you. We are going to be paying a 30% commission on everything you sell. There is a thirty day hold back, but we will guarantee fast steady payouts after that. The reason for the hold back, is its easy to promise things to people to get them to buy, but it's a different story to tell the honest truth about our products and make sales that stick. AffiliatesWe want satisfied customers using our products, and that's why we insist only satisfied customers will be affiliates for us.

We made this for mom and pop operations, getting pushed around by uneducated jerks. Mom and pop know the value of an education, and they realized they must now educate. They are happy to take their time and read this all over. Most of them thank us profusely for providing a clear body of work dedicated to helping them, not just to put money in our pocket with a half assed sterile tutorial that doesn't help their problem. People are selling one page of marketing information for 60$ these days. No software, no meat in the stew. This is an easy sell for people who know how its used and have experience with this. You can even start your own side business setting this up for other people. Who knows, we might just send you our referrals after some time has gone by. We have tons of such requests, and no extra time or man-power to make it happen. So, we have come up with the affiliate marketing strategy to see what kinds of numbers we can all pull in together, and if any side business opportunities come up. Work from home, digital products, and decent cash.

Did you know you could sit on a skype phone all day long and sell this to every realtor who needs an edge in all of America? If you live in a metropolis area, you could go from office to office, setting this up on their machines for them, and charging your own fees on top of the software prices. Commission plus cash. There are a dozen ways to make this pay, and we can have your link in less than 24 hours from sign up. All we require are a few things. We want you to be an active member in good standing who is familiar with our systems. We want you to be over the age of 16. We want you to be honest with everyone involved, us, and the clients. And we also need your name, email, phone number, and a paypal address to send the money to. You get paid 30 days after your first sale. Contact us if you would like to register.