You have just purchased Teamviewer Installation support

Steps to complete before we can access your machine:

  1. Alert support that you will need this service and ask when is a good time to set it up
  2. Click the buy now button below, and complete your checkout for 5$ usd
  3. Install the latest Teamviewer from
  4. Turn on Teamviewer, and record your ID and your password, leave Teamviewer Running.
  5. Do not restart Teamviewer, because your password will change!
  6. Deactivate your locking screensaver, and or password protected desktop
  7. Turn on Firefox, and log into your craigslist software account, leave the page open on your machine
  8. Contact support through our form, and give us your Teamviewer ID and your Password

Once these steps are complete, we should be able to log into your machine and deal with whatever issues preventing your installation.